Any interested person or forecaster is free to drop Banker Draw number(s) voluntarily under the following rules and regulations:
(1). Drop one or as many numbers of Banker Draws for the week with proof and system of such number(s) stated as clearly and concisely as possible. Any Banker Draws dropped without proof will be automatically deleted.
(2). Do not use or attach the slogan and two or more others to whatever number(s) is or are dropped.
(3). Do not include your cell phone number alongside the numbers as you will be easily identified by any interested person should the number(s) dropped successfully result as Draw(s).
Defaulters will be summarily sanctioned as we are bound to ensure that nobody uses this page to defraud anybody.
For Those of You That Are Willing To Join Our Winning Team Kindly Call Directly For Details.

Note: Only For Serious Minded Stakers.

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